Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Update Your Cash Register to a POS System

While your old and conventional cash register has done its part in making your check out process smooth, there are far more various operations that a POS system can do.  These are tasks which are impossible for a cash register to do. To know whether a POS system is for you, here are some comparison you should think about.


Cash Register vs. POS Software




Compared to the POS system, a cash register cannot tell you your actual profits for any given day. What it can only tell you is that you have $400 in your drawer but a POS can tell you that you have $400 and that $300 of which is your profit.




Telling you how much money you have in your drawer is perhaps the only thing that a cash register can do. However, with a POS software, you will know that you have sold 146 cans of soda, sold 36 shots of vodka as well as tell you that you have used 3 shots of tequila for your concoctions. The POS can also tell you that you have 50 cans of soda,  3 bottles of vodka and 2 more bottles of tequila left in your shelf. With these data, you will be able to determine which stocks are low and can avoid overstocking or understocking.


Floor Plans and Table Maps


A POS system can also help you see the status of the customer’s order at any of your tables. You can also view the drinks or concoctions that has been served. This will allow you to shorten turnaround time which will surely please your clients. Also, this will allow you to direct new customers to a vacant table without having to run all over the bar.


These are just three of the operations that can be automated with a POS system. There are more. Investing in a bar point of sale solution can also help improve the following:


●        Speed of service

●        Accuracy of orders

●        Security of cash handling

●        accurate and fast Sales reporting

●        Theft reduction

●        Increased sales

●        Control over discounts and promotions

●        Tracking food & beverage usage

●        Tracking sales & performance

●        Tracking menu item performance

●        Streamlining your accounting processes


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