Monday, January 23, 2012

Point of Sale System Helps Control Bar Liquor Cost and Inventory

Bar staff often do their work without a direct supervision that would sometimes lead to liquor waste and theft which can be very hard to detect. Spillage, over pours, and waste are some of the ongoing problems that can mess up any liquor inventory. The liquor inventory loss can cause a big difference in the profit of a busy bar.


Fortunately, there is now a bar inventory management system that can help measure every ounce of alcohol that flows from the container, every day, every minute. In this way, hotel, bar and restaurant owners can certainly bring down any possibility of wasting liquor.


Fast, accurate, easy to use and invisible to the consumer, the entire system can usually be interfaced with the tailor made bar software. It offers bar owners with a real time report as well as the visibility of the actual inventory and the stock movements.


The typical benefits of a bar software are the following:


●       The point of sale system can easily track the pour costs, flow in contrast to the sales, trends and its brand performance

●       The software can help staff keep drink sizes at a constant amount.

●       The software offers bar owners a better record keeping of alcohol dispensing for risk reduction

●       It accurately tracks data every day, every hour and every minute.

●       The software can actually drill down to the exact time and location of each variance

●       The software can compare every ounce of alcohol dispensed to the point of sale  records

●       The software has easy integration with CCTV to link variances to the actual images of customers and staff

●       It can assess pour costs and receive precise profit and loss information on a day to day basis.

●       The bar software can receive accurate variance analysis and alerts a PC or mobile. It can also set automated alerts in a  store both on regional and corporate levels

●       The software can also check and provide liquor suppliers with reports on a brand’s performance as well as it can remove the need for manual stock takes


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